Therapeutic gymnastics for children

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 Modern day-to-day life, which massively imposes modern technology, deforms our spine very quickly.

 The spine is the base of our locomotor system. He distributes and carries the weight of our movements from the   hands to the legs and vice versa.

We can compare the spine to a spring that takes enormous loads every day. When this “spring” is properly functioning, it can safely distribute the burden from the workflow. The S-curve, in combination with the intervertebral discs, plays a key role in the distribution of weight at each posture of our body.


  The qualitative function that makes our spine a great deal depends on our years of growth and the parallel active construction of the right posture.


It all begins in the earliest childhood when the fragile spine begins to take the weight out of the school bag and occupy the position in which the child writes its homework, sits in front of the computer or plays on his phone.

 That’s the main reason why at Balance Line Studio we have decided to focus our efforts on children.


The proper functioning of our children`s spines depends entirely on the habit they have acquired in their childhood. I guess you will agree that something once learned wrong is much harder to fix later!


 That’s why we decided to work with the kids – to avoid the wrong habit leading to the wrong posture!

We have structured a set of specialized exercises proven in long-standing practice by working with children. Through them, we will be able to teach them how to maintain a proper posture in their daily routine. The sequence of exercises day by day will also allow you as a parent to observe the change in forming a healthy, energetic and upright child.

Spinal distortions are most commonly caused by rapid growth of the child during the puberty age:

boys – from 10 to 16 years old

girls – from 8 to 14 years old

The goal of our healing gymnastics is to build a healthy and upright foundation upon which the child will build its development with age.

Before we start, each child goes through physiotherapyexamination of their entire body. We establish the position of the spine at the beginning so that we can keep track of the progress of perseverance and the desire for perfect health.


The children’s  health effects achieved as a result of the exercises are:

– Stronger muscles that stabilize the spine.

– Stronger ligaments between each vertebra.

– Improved blood supply to the spine, due to the distortion of the vertebrae.

– The tissues are saturated with more oxygen.

– Compression of the individual nerves that come out of the spine decreases.

– It improves digestion and breathing becomes deeper due to the combination of breathing exercises between the series.


Nature has created us to evolve!

Do not let technology stop your child’s development just because it needs the right guidance at the right time.


We are looking forward to meeting you!