Balance Special Health

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The team of Balance Center created a special program, Balance Special Health, in two directions – a prevention program for health promotion and a program for pregnant women and for the postpartum period.

1. Prevention program for health promotion – it is used as a preventive method to influence incorrect posture, back pain, neck pain and general discomfort. The program includes systematized and focused physical exercise to correct the posture, improve the strength, elasticity and endurance of the body muscles. The target group includes people with a sedentary lifestyle. It also includes people who need to get slimmer or want to improve their quality of life. The age indicator does not matter, as both young and old people are welcome to Balance Center. The methods and means used are not complex to perform; they are simple and easy for everyone. The main objectives of the program are health promotion and disease prevention, improvement of the working capacity and the quality of life. Balance Special Health is not recommended during the period of acute pain but only when there is slight pain or no pain at all.

The prevention program is recommended for:

  • Prevention of trauma and diseases or after undergoing such trauma or diseases, which caused disturbance of posture;
  • Sedentary lifestyle and immobilization;
  • Pain in the waist, back and neck;
  • Initial forms of disc disease;
  • Spinal deformities;
  • Pain after overburdening and necessity of adapted straining.

The activities are:

  • Group sessions taking place in the form of a complex of specially selected and dosed exercises lasting for 50 minutes;
  • Individual sessions, which include a complex of specially selected and dosed exercises, manual therapy and placement of kinesiology tape if necessary.

2. The program Balance Special Health intended for expecting mothers and for the postpartum period includes a complex of exercises tailored according to the individual needs and the related changes in the body of the expecting mother, corresponding to the relevant month of pregnancy.

The exercises are divided into three groups:

  • Group one – building correct motion skills for the different work activities the pregnant woman has to perform.
  • Group two – exercises to balance and compensate for the burden of the organism at the beginning of pregnancy and exercises for advanced pregnancy – focused on the preparation for the first and second stage of birth giving.
  • Group three includes exercises for the period after birth-giving. The first four complexes contain exercises with less burdening for new mothers, while the next complexes contain conditioning exercises with gradually increasing difficulty.

During the advanced stages of pregnancy, women often get spasms in the lower extremities. The reason for that is the insufficient blood flow resulting mainly from prolonged sitting or lying. By improving blood circulation, spasms disappear. In most cases, it is sufficient to perform several simple movements. With the increase of weight, the plantar arch is overloaded and loses its elasticity; therefore, it is necessary to strengthen its muscles by appropriate impulses.