Lymph drainage

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Lymph drainage improves lymph movement and its pushing towards the lymph depots. It strengthens the immune system of the organism and the formation of antibodies against various diseases. It is applied for traumas in sports after edema found; it is used for cosmetic purposes – to eliminate the appearance of cellulite. Through the systematic application of lymph drainage, blood circulation increases, the retarded processes in the organism diminish and edematous conditions are reduced. The purpose of lymph drainage is drainage of the lymph along the lymphatic vessels to the relevant depots – liver, spleen, inguinal folds and others. It makes your skin soft, smooth, with improved elasticity and visibly reduces the traces of orange peel skin. The harmful toxins are discarded out of the body and tissues are recovered.

Effects on your body:

  • Regenerates tissues;
  • Removes chronic pain and fatigue;
  • Relieves insomnia, impaired memory;
  • Removes stress;
  • Reduces cellulite.

We would like to offer you the following types of massages:

  • Partial massage – 20 min.
  • Whole-body massage – 40 min.