Sports massage

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Sports massage is a variety of classic massage and is intended to assist the training process. By means of a special massaging technique, the people actively engaged in sports activities are aided in the preparation of their bodies before a training session, in recovery after sports straining or in improving the quality of the training process itself.

Preliminary massage is individually tailored for each customer. Its purpose is to warm up and relax the muscles, relieve pain and prevent trauma and injuries.

Training massage is an essential part of the training process and is one of the basic means in a sports training. Its main goal is that the sports person achieves maximum high results for the shortest period and it enhances the concentration of their energy.

Recovery massage is intended to recover all vital functions, to restore strength and remove the fatigue accumulated after serious physical straining.

Sports massage is successfully combined with kinesitherapy for the treatment of sports trauma and disorders. The massage can be applied for prevention as well. It is suitable not only for sports people but also for people with floppy muscles – as a replacement of physical burden.

Effects on your body:

  • Accelerates the recovery process;
  • Removes fatigue;
  • Reduces pain, edema and stagnant processes;
  • Removes stress;
  • Improves motor activity.

We would like to offer you the following types of sports massages:

  • Preliminary massage
  • Training massage
  • Recovery massage


  • Partial massage – 30 min.
  • Complete massage – 60 min.