Health maintenance and care is accomplished by a different combination of physical, psychic and social wellbeing and welfare, together sometimes called „the triangle of health“. The team of Balance Center is young but has rich experience. We strive to be in the very center of that triangle by means of our knowledge and expertise, and to help people to be healthy, feel well, live a more fulfilling life with smiles on their faces.


The modern kinesitherapy and massage center is aimed at providing a better lifestyle, without pain, with greater freedom of movement – a life filled with energy.

Balance Line Studio and Balance Center take care of the fast accomplishment of the desired results and your good feeling during the procedures and training sessions. Your goals are our goals too – together we can achieve balance between body and spirit, thorough wellness and feeling of satisfaction for the customer so that they can have full and harmonious lifestyles.




Hello! My name is Velislava Kucheva and I am glad to be part of the Balance Center team.