Bioptron Light Therapy

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Light therapy with BIOPTRON is a novel, effective and safe method of treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of a number of diseases. The light emitted by BIOPTRON is similar to part of the electromagnetic natural sun’s rays but without the UV radiation. Light therapy is much more than a healing approach for the treatment of winter depression. It is applied as accompanying treatment to conventional healing methods or as an autonomous measure for certain diseases. Bioptron can be of assistance for:

  • Faster healing of injuries such as trauma, burning, post-surgery wounds, decubitus sores, ulcers on the feet. It improves blood circulation;
  • It relieves pain and decreases the intensity of its occurrence. Bioprton light therapy can be used as an accompanying therapy for pain relief in rheumatology (for osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, arthroses), in kinesitherapy (pains in the back, shoulders and neck, carpal tunnel syndrome, scars), sports medicine (injuries of muscles, muscle spasms, strains, sprains and tearing, etc.). Bioptron is a clinically tested and effective method of relieving pain and inflammation;
  • It helps in dermatological and skin problems such as acne, atopic dermatitis (eczema), psoriasis, herpes, surface bacterial infections, mucosal lesion, which occur quite frequently and most people experience some of them at some point in their lives. Although not life-threatening, these problems can have a negative effect in our everyday lives. The treatment with Bioptron is easy and painless and it is worth trying;
  • In pediatrics, for dermal problems, allergic-respiratory disorders, upper respiratory tract infections, musculoskeletal and neurological disorders. Up to 15% of the children suffer from allergic eczema and various skin infections, which are unpleasant both for parents and children as they can cause side reactions such as painful skin, itching, disturbed sleep and others, that is why light therapy proves to be a good assistant of children and their parents. Light therapy also fights the frequent infections of the nose and throat little children suffer from by stimulating the immune system;
  • In seasonal affective disorders to relieve chronic pain, low motivation, greater need of sleep. Bioptron provides us with effective light spectrum without UV radiation. Light therapy also treats some psychiatric disorders.

The special features of Bioptron light therapy devices enable the light penetration not only through the skin but also through the tissues beneath it thus not limiting the therapeutic effect to the dermal area only. The Bioptron light has a bio-stimulating effect, in other words, when we apply it onto the skin, it stimulates the light-sensitive internal cellular structures and molecules (stimulating the various biological processes in our organism by improving bodily functions). Light therapy with Bioptron stimulates the regeneration, restoration processes as well as the functions of the immune system. The treatment therapy is fast, easy, pain-free, economical and can be used for prevention or treatment of many diseases by both children and adults.

Light therapy improves the aesthetic appearance of the skin, reducing the number of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, boosting the skin thickness through the synthesis of collagen and elastine. It is used to enhance the benefits of anti-aging and cosmetic therapies as it has a powerful synergic effect.
BIOPTRON assists anti-aging procedures in two major manners:
. the wide light spectrum helps eliminate reddening, edema and hematomas from the skin after cosmetic procedures;
. when used along with other anti-aging products, BIOPTRON ensures thorough absorption and penetration of the applied product into the skin.
Light therapy BIOPTRON is suitable for application for both men and women of all ages, regardless of the type of skin.


Light colour therapy uses the impact of colours to enhance and preserve the energy level of the body. Colour therapy has a calming and anti-aging effect on the skin and tissues.
Colour and light can have very favourable effects on our emotionality, health and overall physical condition, as well as our physical vitality. They are suitable for application for all types of skin, both for men and women.
RED – warm and stimulating, it restores the energy of the body and skin;
ORANGE – stimulates the fibro-areas and speeds up the synthesis of collagen and elastine thus eliminating fine lines and wrinkles;
YELLOW – stimulates the regeneration of damaged cells. It is desirable to apply it for smoothening the skin relief;
GREEN – regulates the synthesis of melatonin and skin pigmentation;
BLUE – reduces secretion of sebum and eliminates bacteria known to cause ACNE;
INDIGO – has a calming effect on the entire wellness; it tightens, tones and shapes the skin contour;
VIOLET – relieves skin inflammations and irritations;

Light colour therapy prevents and treats ACNE. BIOPTRON restricts the inflammatory process, improves the condition of immunological factors related to the appearance of ACNE and prevents scar formation. There is no physical contact between the treated area and BIOPTRON, which makes it a pleasant and painless therapy. It can be used independently or in combination with other therapies to accomplish fast, visible and durable effects.

The light therapy system BIOPTRON is a device for light therapy patented for worldwide application.